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In the 1960s, camping became an increasingly popular option for holidaymakers. As a result, the Departmental Council of the Jura, which had little experience of managing tourism venues, decided to create an EPIC (Etablissement Public, Industriel et Commercial or state-funded industrial/commercial establishment). This led to the creation of the Régie départementale de Chalain-Vouglans (Chalain-Vouglans Departmental Authority) in February 1960. Its initial brief was to manage the Domaine de Chalain campsite.

Before long, it was also entrusted with other tasks. Firstly, management of a second campsite, Surchauffant; and then management of the 3 ports (Le Meix, La Mercantine and La Saisse) following the development of activities on the Vouglans reservoir.

Over the years, the authority's technical experience and expertise has continued to expand. The Chalain-Vouglans Departmental Authority, based in Lons-le-Saunier, is now a key player with a wide-ranging brief and responsibilities:

  • provision of lifeguard cover and maintenance of beaches in the Jura and natural swimming spots,
  • commercial management of related activities essential to its customers (shops, catering, events, sporting activities, etc.),
  • implementation of a policy for sustainable management of water resources (recycling of wastewater).

Today, the Chalain-Vouglans Departmental Authority is an evolving structure which:

  • contributes to the development of tourism in the Jura, both in terms of quality (innovation, sustainable development, etc.) and quantity (it creates hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, is the largest campsite accommodation provider in Franche-Comté and represents 55% of all overnight stays in the Jura).
  • supports developmental projects to serve the Jura region.

A key player in the tourism industry and development of the Jura region, the Chalain-Vouglans Departmental Authority is an unusual economic model in the world of tourism and often cited as a benchmark concept.

Human resources

  • The Chalain-Vouglans Departmental Authority offers numerous job opportunities each season in its various facilities on Lake Vouglans (Surchauffant campsite and Vouglans ports) and Lake Chalain (Domaine de Chalain campsite and Les Lagons aqua park).
  • Jobs are available in a number of different areas. They can cover a variety of roles and be for short periods (1 to 2 months) or for longer (up to 6 months) 
    • Reception
    • Activities and entertainment
    • Information and services assistant
    • Maintenance operative
    • Life guards (beaches, pool)
    • Si vous êtes intéressé pour postuler, merci de remplir le formulaire et de l’envoyer par email accompagné d’un cv et d’une lettre de motivation. 

Our primary objective is the satisfaction of our customers; we expect all our teams to use their skills to comply with this requirement.

  • If you'd like to apply for a job, please complete the form and return it via email with your CV and a letter in support of your application.

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