Looking after the environment


Our commitments

We are committed to the concept of sustainable development. Our sustainability strategy consists of minimising any damaging effects on activities and the environment and of improving our environmental performance.

Water and energy saving measures

Replacing our fleet of conventional vehicles with electric versions (5); encouraging people to walk and cycle within the campsite.

Water and energy saving measures: We have replaced the majority of our conventional bulbs with LED versions, we harvest rainwater and minimise water consumption by adding flow regulators to our water pipes.  Most of our rental units have been environmentally designed and fitted with water and energy saving devices.

We optimise the use of solar energy to heat the water in some sanitary blocks and the swimming pool on the Surchauffant campsite. The pool water in Les Lagons aqua park is heated via a heat pump.

Waste management

We have introduced recycling and composting for our customers on a voluntary basis. Customers are happy do their bit and it's both fun and educational for children.

Responsible shopping

Everything necessary for a holiday can be bought on site: a wide variety of organic and local produce is available. Local producers also visit the campsite several times a week and organise markets for our customers.